Forest Hill City Ice Rink, Centurion

About the game

It is not just a game, but a way of life that helps teach us the right values in life in order to be successful, well rounded individuals. similar to other team sports there are many advantages athletes receive from their participation.

Be sides the health benefits received from being physically active, athletes experience improved coordination, muscular strength, flexibility, balance, agility and reflexes. athletes also learn to work towards a common goal, develop strong communication and listening skills as well as respect for authority and rules.

Ice Hockey requires discipline, dedication and the willingness to succeed, while at the same time developing important life skills that they will carry on well past their hockey career, such as: perseverance, handwork, self confidence, patience & sportsmanship. This high intense sport requires a lot from a player, but don't let it fool you. Anyone can play this sport and with our help you could be on your way to becoming the an Ice Hockey Athlete.