Forest Hill City Ice Rink, Centurion

About Us

Learn about the Warriors Ice Hockey Club.

Warriors is a family owned club and we believe family is important and therefore strive to stay in tune with our players, their families and the sporting community.​

Warriors ice hockey club like many institutions has had its up’s and its down’s. Before Warriors, the club was originally called Pretoria Capitals in the late 90’s and constituted mainly out of an older generation of players.

It wasn’t until the early 2000’s that Warriors started taking into effect. With its primary focus on the development of the sport and the institution of U/12 for the first time in YEARS!!

Through most of the 2000’s Warriors was a name that was known by many. Not just for its quality of players produces through the years but also for its understanding of the sport in its entirely as well as its interaction with its members.

With Alan Verwey and co-partner Charmaine Verwey running the show the club was doing well.

The experience brought forward by Mr. Verwey was no doughtily the reason for success with ± 28 years coaching experience to date, ± 44 years playing experience to date, South African National Coach since '85 and an avid in-line (roller hockey) enthusiast.

However, after the closing of the Kolonnade Ice Rink the club took a turn for the worst before opening its doors at the Grove Ice Rink under its original name Pretoria Capitals this time under new management.

With the opening of the Forest Hill Ice Rink Mr. Verwey along side his kids decided it’s time to break free and set up shop at Forrest Hill with the name Known by many in the past, and so Warriors was reborn.

The Team
  • Founder
    Head Coach

    Age: 58 Years
    Experience: Been involved with the sport since 1972, and has been coaching for +/- 33 years.
    Specialty: All age groups, male & female.
    Other: Currently only South African Ice Hockey player who has Recognition in the International Ice Hockey hall of fame in Canada “” Number 11””

Alan Verwey

  • Coach
    Time Keeper

    Age: 26 Years
    Experience:Been involved with the sport since 1998, and has been coaching for +/- 9 years.
    Specialty: Ladies & Juniors
    Other: Is Currently part of the Senior Ladies National team.

Dominique Verwey

  • Finance
    Coach / Head Referee

    Age: 24 Years
    Experience: Been involved with the sport since 2000, and has been coaching for 7 years.
    Specialty: Goalies & Juniors
    Other: Is Currently part of the Senior Mens National team, and is also a qualified fitness trainer.

Denzil Verwey